Adorable Large Sized Butternut Squash Skulls

Cute! (2)

I got this cute ideal out of  a woman’s day Magazine I found laying at a Dr. Office It turned out very cute. I used large different size squash and hung them all over the porch and trees. At night I’d light the teacup candle and they would turn out very pretty.

  •  First, use pumpkin carving tools to create a gaping mouth, nose and teeth in an upside-down butternut squash,
  • Next  secure radish eyes with toothpicks.
  • With highlighter, draw tall rectangle mouth, teeth and smile lines on butternut squash.
  • Carve mouth and lines, then etch skin off teeth with linoleum cutter. Hollow out inside of mouth only.
  • Carve upside-down heart for nose. Cut eye sockets with top of knife tilted toward the pumpkin.
  • Slice an end off 2 radishes and push in black beans for pupils, then add 2 toothpicks to back of each and push into sockets.
  • Poke deep hole in either side of squash at top with an awl. Tape a length of Fishing Line to a wood skewer and thread through holes you made; discard skewer. Knot ends of Fishing Line together; use loop to hang.
  • Place teacup candles and light at night

Tools you’ll need:

      1. fishing line
      2. Pumpkin Carving Tools
      3. squash
      4. radishes
      5. black beans
      6. highlighter,
      7. linoleum cutter
      8. toothpicks
      9. teacup candles

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